5 Acres And A Dream by Leigh Tate

5 Acres and a Dream by Leigh Tate

Read on as a hold over hippie tells you how she and her husband managed to finally buy a house at fifty. Watch as she ruminates on page over whether or not they’ll have a pond, ultimately deciding not to. The author mentions repeatedly how they ran away from college to start a commune back in the 70’s, and I kind of wish she had stayed. Also, this book was published when?! So why does it still only have black and white pictures?

I really didn’t learn anything from this book, it’s more a semi-autobiographical account than any sort of guide to establishing a self-sufficient homestead.

Save yourself the trouble, use the money you would have otherwise used to purchase this book, get a Hulu account, and watch Biggest Little Farm. 

Nothing screams expert like this quote from the water self sufficiency chapter: “We know that when our home was first built in the 1920s, there was a well. We just don’t know for certain where it is yet. We sometimes consider having a new well dug. Because we do have water, this is not a priority, but it does remain on our “hope to do someday” list. Whether or not we’ll actually do it will depend primarily on cost; county ordinances are another factor.” 

5 Acres And A Dream reads as though the author definitely has a dream, but struggles with an actionable plan.

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