Doomsday Apocalypse by Bobby Akart

Read on as another Alpha male, former military macho man saves the people he cares about from the destruction that swallows everyone else…

Once again, they convened. They’d come from Langley and Fort Meade, Washington and Arlington.They weren’t politicians or elected officials. They were spooks, spies, and soldiers. Government officials and bureaucrats-accountable to no one but themselves.

Oh boy, this was a disappointment. Not sure what I expected from “Doomsday Apocalypse“, the most generic disaster title anyone could cough up on page.

I’ve always wanted to read about the apocalypse unfolding and how it plays out for the average person. This is not that book. this book is another damn near superhero who barely has to try to keep his family safe as the world unravels around him. Everyone else rides the struggle bus and can’t cope. It’s his sheer manliness and former military background that keep him going when everyone else falls apart.

This book is the embodiment of everything I can’t stand about prepper fiction. I almost gave up on chapter 9 because you could just about tell the main character was impervious to all the shit everyone else had to deal with.

If you want to read a book about doomsday-prepper-zombie-apocalypse-LARPing without the ravenous hordes of undead, this is it.

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