Dragon Heart

“Everyone fights in this world, my Prince. The fisherman fights the fish and the ocean, a blacksmith fights the fire and iron, the farmer fights the weather and the earth, but only the adept fights their own destinies.”

I’ve always wanted a solid martial arts fantasy novel. Crouching Tiger meets Dragon Ball Z wrapped in book form. That’s what Dragon Heart by Kirill Klevanski is. I’m firmly convinced the world needs more fictional martial arts literature. 

Our story follows a young man who is driven by vengeance, training beyond his natural limits to become something altogether greater, stronger, and more powerful than anyone could imagine he is. 

“Only the things you acquire through your own effort are important in this world.”

The story is loosely a LITRPG novel. That being said, don’t expect many of the usual LITRPG tropes to be found here. The main character can read power levels through some type of technology he brought with him into the game, but can’t use it well/it doesn’t work well. The MC came from Earth and was uploaded into this realm but doesn’t really remember/know it. It’s an interesting take on a genre that needs some life brought into it. Not your typical sword and sorcery mixed with video games here, and that’s something I’ve been looking for.

You can pick up a copy here.

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