Life Reset (New Era Online) by Shemer Kuznits

Trapped in a video game, as a low level mook, on a mission to get vengeance against the most powerful players in the game.

“Something was amiss in his world. Hidden beyond even his omniscient sight, but not his awareness, something restless and insidious was growing.”

Spoiler Alert

Life Reset: New Era Online – Oren, superpowerful player and leader of a guild is betrayed by his second in command, Vatras. He’s turned into a low level goblin and swears vengeance against his former guildmates. He begins grinding levels as a goblin character with meta knowledge of the world around him and how it operates.

Overall Life Reset is a fun LitRPG adventure, with a unique twist on the AI running the show behind the scenes. Pretty cool town/empire building that goes on that makes me reminisce about my days playing Starcraft, Warcraft, and Command and Conquer while also bringing me back to Neverwinter Nights and those early days of WoW where you could just run around, complete quests and explore without grinding dungeons constantly. (Ok, I’m a Blizzard fan, I admit it. Or I was until they decided to side with China…) I also enjoyed the hero being something other than one of the common races (human, elves, dwarves, etc…), which play as the antagonists for once.

The one thing I don’t like is there isn’t an ending, just a set up for another book in the planned series. I just want a conclusive ending to a story, is that so much to ask?!

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