The Journal: Cracked Earth #1 by Deborah D. Moore

The gang violence is rampant. The blacks, the Hispanics, Mexicans, Cubans, they’re always fighting themselves or each other for territory or for the limited resources.”

The Journal: Cracked Earth #1 by Deborah D. Moore

Casually racist attitudes aside (the above quote is from the main character’s son, who she adores), The Journal almost made me believe in prepper fiction again for a little bit. America is crumbling as a country as multiple disasters pile up, international aid is nowhere to be found, and winter is coming. That’s about where the fun stopped for me. Main character Allexa Smith has multiple years worth of food stocked for herself and lives in the middle of nowhere, so as to avoid the ravenous hordes that would surely consume her supplies if she lived anywhere else. Then she starts feeding her neighbors, family, and the entire town as the supply chain collapsed across the country. She’s ready for every scenario – no food, no power, no news/information, raging pandemic, record snowfall, you name it. When a group of prisoners escapes and begins a murderous rampage on snowmobiles, she’s leading the charge with no long term emotional problems resulting from watching people get gunned down around her as she executes baddies left and right. She saw it all coming and her off-grid lifestyle saves (almost) everyone she knows. I’m surprised they didn’t rename her town of Moose Creek after her and throw her a parade by the end of the book (that might be how the second book in the series starts, I’m not going to read it). Starring the overly prepared fantasy author avatar, her hunky gunsmith boyfriend, her family that all finds her and stays in touch despite coast to coast communication being unreliable, and a host of useless government bureaucrats who either decide on martial law or begging the MC for support as their two only options.

I’ll give the book some credit, it has some believable elements. If you were looking for a fictional character to base your prepper pantry off, Allexa Smith probably would be the one to do so. The author even wrote a non-fiction cookbook with that in mind.

If you want to see the dream of solid prepper fiction flounder yet again, check out The Journal: Cracked Earth. Hell, you can read the whole series:

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The Journal: Raging Tide
The Journal: Fault Line
The Journal: Martial Law

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