The Land: Monsters

I really enjoy The Land: Chaos Seeds series. I really do. It’s what got me into the litrpg genre. I typically think the adventures of Richter, Sion, and Alma are hilarious. Monsters fell a little flat for me, however. I’ve enjoyed the village/city building in the previous books, and there was none of that in this The Land: Monsters. The first half of the novel seems based around Richter leveling up, while kind of fighting giant centipedes. It was good to see the return of Xuetrix, even that battle was more of Richter leveling up. The first chapter that didn’t have anything to do with Richter improving his stats or choosing a new skill/power was a vivid, pages long description of him having diarrhea.

While I’m sure Monsters sets the stage for a big shift in the series, as Richter seems to have damn near gone Super Saiyan, The Land: Monsters just didn’t have what I had come to love and expect from the series. I felt like the story didn’t advance any further. I know nothing about The Land that I didn’t really know before, Mist Village didn’t seem to grow in any discernible way. I was hoping for some revelation about the Kobold Kahn, but there was no mention of it.  Hopefully the next book in the series is an improvement.

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