The Two Week Curse

A Ten Realms Tale

I enjoy Litrpg novels. I’ve been a big gamer my whole life, from tabletop to WoW. I just can’t get down with The Two Week Curse by Michael Chatfield, however. Two friends (Erik and Rugrat) go into the game together, and are able to bring a ton of stuff with them? That just broke the fantasy for me right away. The illusion just didn’t hold for me after that, and never really recovered. Being able to start out in a fantasy setting with a stash of modern medical supplies mixed with a small arsenal of weaponry just shattered any illusion and just didn’t sit right with me.

As an EMT, I enjoyed the twist of modern day Earth medical knowledge being superior to magical healing one they arrived in the game. However it was the total opposite while they were on Earth, as the main character Erik was able to slowly regrow his limbs using magic before even entering the game. It’s clear the author has a military background and it shows in the writing. Chatfield clearly knows his shit and can craft a character to express that knowledge.

I will say this, I listened to the first ⅓ of The Two Week Curse on Audible, and I did enjoy the voice acting of Todd Menesses. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend reading the rest of the Ten Realms series and I won’t be reviewing the rest of the series.

If you really feel inclined to read it, you can pick up a copy here.

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